Wednesday, November 4, 2009


The next best thing you can do for your guitar besides playing it, is to dehumidify it. 

Simply because Singapore is pretty much as humid as it gets.

And just like how we need air-conditioning, our guitars need a dehumidifying.

The relative humidity level refers to the amount of moisture in the surrounding atmosphere.

The optimum humidity level for acoustic guitars is roughly 50%.It ranges from a startling 75%-90% here on our tropical island city.

High humidity level causes the belly of an acoustic guitar to bulge, the neck to warp, it makes the guitar sound muffled and blanketed due to the moisture content in the wood which dampens the tone, and a host of other problems.

This is especially prevalent for acoustic guitars with solid tops, and even more so for  full-solid acoustic guitars. Solid wood is much more susceptible to moisture as compared to laminated wood.

Due to the nature of its construction (the glue and layerings involved in laminated wood), laminated wood is more impervious to high humidity levels. However, this same factor also inhibits its tone as the layers and glue greatly reduce the wood's ability to vibrate freely. 

In essence, they do not sound as good as solid wood, and they do not get seasoned with time and playing. But, they are hardier and require much less care.

For those with a tight budget or a small collection of guitars, we have ingenious products as the Zorb-It (SEE HERE) to help with the evils of humidity.

However, if you are looking for the ultimate solution, then look no further than an electric dehumidifier. It is by far the most efficient and effective method of keeping the relative humidity level at a constant of 50%.

If you have some valuable guitars that you want to maintain at optimum condition, then please do yourself a favor and invest in a dehumidifier.

It really is a worthy investment, and it will pay its dues in the long run. You will save yourself a lot of trouble, headache and worry. And your lovely guitar will thank you for it, for it will last longer, play better and sound much better. 

We have two models of dehumidifiers available, the DC930 ($469) and HD320 ($599), with a maximum capacity of 15L and 22L respectively. The maximum capacity is basically how much water it can absorb and hold in its tank before requiring you to empty it.

We are now offering them this special limited promotional price coupled with a free delivery.

For further enquiries, please feel free to give us a call at any of our outlets or drop by for a chat with us.



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